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July 2021

Farmers Cup 4 - Cannabis Concentrates Competition in San Diego, CA

Farmers Cup 3


In the wake of COVID-19 where events are cancelled almost immediately. Businesses closed down, and people needed to shelter in place… and togetherness & fun became a new thing altogether.


The Farmers Cup is proud to say that we successfully pivoted, and we managed to keep a small chunk of the cannabis community together! Together with A Green Alternative in Otay Mesa, Think20 testing labs & THC Gas we are now doing our 3rd competition since the pandemic.

4/20/21 is ON!

Four Hundred and Twenty Judges this time!!

8 categories of separate contests available!

The upcoming Farmers Cup will be our largest virtual event where the people will be awarding the best Cannabis and Hemp-Derived CBD products in California. Judges Kits will be available to the public for pick-up in Otay Mesa, CA and will include top-shelf products from competitors across a wide range of different categories, all to be judged by locals, enthusiasts, and experts.


A friendly competition completely judged by end-users in San Diego! No one associated with any of the competing Brands, or Farmers Cup employees are ever judges . . . this is 100% the PEOPLES CHOICE!

This time in addition to FLOWER, CONCENTRATES, PRE-ROLLS, VAPE-CARTS & EDIBLES, we’ve included Cannabis Derived CBD products, and THC Topicals & Tinctures.

Spaces for competitors and judges are limited, and previous Farmers Cup events have SOLD OUT weeks in advance. Early reservations are not guaranteed, but you can pre-register for Judge Kits to get early-bird access to Judge Kits once available. This event is open to residents in California (all Judges MUST pick up kits in Otay Mesa, CA) and will see the largest pool of judges in the Farmers Cup history. This is a sampling dream for judges and competitors alike, and an opportunity to get more exposure, awareness, and direct feedback from experienced consumers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Farmers Cup?

The Farmers Cup is the first (and so-far only) Cannabis Competition in San Diego that gives the people who are the end-users the chance to judge from a wide variety of legal cannabis products. Education is stressed at the online event, so that consumers know what they’re spending their hard earned money on, not just THC%. Think20 Testing Labs present terpene information and supply a double layer of safety to an already tested product. The virtual events allow the judging to take place at the judges home, over the course of a week or more. This offers a true experience possibly for the first time – since the judge is not rushed, or in an unusual atmosphere. It’s a win-win for brands and judges – we have hundreds of positive comments like “this cup has changed my buying habits completely”

When is the next Farmers Cup event?

Judges will be waking up to their Farmers Cup Kits on 7/10/21 . . . specific details to follow. Click here to register for early judge ticket information.

What are the categories for the Farmers Cup?

The upcoming Farmers Cup 4 on 7/10/2021 will be a Concentrates-only cannabis competition.

There usually 3 groups when it comes to categories:

Licensed Products

  • Flower
  • Concentrates
  • Pre-Rolls
  • Vape-Carts
  • Edibles
  • Cannabis-derived CBD products
  • THC Topicals & Tincures

Hemp Products (Our brothers from other Mothers!)
Home Grow – This category is exclusive to VIP Judges ONLY, however, video and awards will be seen at the online event!
Tickets are for Licensed Products ONLY!! The Homegrow component will be judged by VIP judges, and no tickets will be available. Join us and watch the award ceremony online.

How do I become a participant in the Farmers Cup?

California BCC license holders are welcome to submit products to compete or to sponsor the Farmers Cup.

Interested in Judging? Judge Passes will become available in February, and they sell out fast so click here to get early ticket info!

What is included in the Judge Kit?

Judge kits include sample products from the brands who entered the competition in that specific category.

Each contest is separate – for example:

    Flower Contest Kits will contain a sample from each flower competitor, instructions, sample ballots, (and often small gifts).

Judges will receive a different box for each Contest or Category ticket purchased.

How much product does it take to enter the Farmers Cup?

What does it mean to be a judge?

We want great judges who will take the time to fully score all products by the deadline of each competition, and give detailed comments on aesthetics, aroma, taste, effects, and other notable qualities of each product.

Growers put their hearts and souls into making these products and we expect the same from our judges. Judge Kits will come with instructions on how to score each product.

**You may post content of judging to your social handles for a chance to be featured and reposted by Farmers Cup Official on Instagram.

Please keep your scoring confidential until the results are announced.

How much are Judge Kits and where can I buy them?

Judge Kit prices vary and you can click here to see our available Judge Kits for sale.

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