Competitor Tickets

Please read and review the rules below before purchasing your Competitor Ticket to compete in the Edibles-only Farmers Cup, Valentines Edition.

Rules & Deadlines:

ENTRY FEE: $250 per product or entry

    Chocolate Candy / Non-Chocolate Candy / Sweet Baked Products / Beverages / Savory (not sweet) / Healthy

QUANTITY: 70 sample units of each entry (Units may be any size, but must be BCC SKU, and packaged for shelves)
DROP-OFF DEADLINE: Please deliver your samples to your assigned dispensary partner before 2/11/2022
METRC & LEGAL: Sample units MUST be shelf ready and will be sold to our partnering dispensary for $0.10 per unit, then sold to the judges at $0.15 per unit, plus taxes.
JUDGE KIT BOXES: Farmers Cup custom judge boxes are assembled at participating dispensaries.
JUDGE KIT PICK-UP: Judges will pick up their boxes on 2/13/2022 and the judging begins!
BALLOTS DUE: Judges have until 2/22/2022  to complete their digital ballots. Nothing is rushed!
AWARD CEREMONY: Sunday, 2/27/2022 @ 7:10pm PST

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