Farmers Cup 2023 - Flower and Edibles Cannabis Cup in San Diego, CA

Competitor Tickets

Please read and review the rules below before purchasing your Competitor Ticket to compete in the the Farmers Cup.

Licensed Competition


$250 per product or entry for Licensed Brands (Purchase Tickets)

$50 per product or entry for Homegrown (Purchase Tickets)
Licensed Brands – 70 sample units of each entry (Units may be any size, but must be BCC SKU, and packaged for shelves)

Homegrown – 28g for Flower or 6g for Rosin of each entry


Licensed FLOWER (Indoor / Outdoor / Light Dep. / Infused)

Licensed Pre-Rolls (Non-infused / Infused)

Licensed EDIBLES ( Sweets / Baked Goods / Non-Savory / Beverages)

Homegrown Flower

Homegrown Rosin



DROP-OFF DEADLINE: Please deliver your samples to your assigned dispensary partner before 1/19/2023

METRC & LEGAL: Sample units MUST be shelf ready and will be sold to our partnering dispensary for $0.10 per unit, then sold to the judges at $0.15 per unit, plus taxes.

JUDGE KIT BOXES: Farmers Cup custom judge boxes are assembled at participating dispensaries.

JUDGE KIT PICK-UP: Judges will pick up their boxes on 1/27 to 1/28/2023 and the judging begins!

BALLOTS DUE: Judges have until 2/12/2023  to complete their digital ballots. Nothing is rushed!

CELEBRATION SESH: In-Person event on Saturday, 2/25/2023 @ TBD. Buy Judge Tickets

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