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Award Ceremony: May 1, 2021
location: Facebook Live & Zoom

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The Farmers Cup Official - Cannabis Cup - Facebook Live logo
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The Farmers Cup 3

Spring 2021

Despite being held in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, dozens of California cannabis brands across a wide range of products came together to compete for The Farmers Cup.

Lab Tests

Farmers Cup Official - Lab Awards by Infinite Cal


Licensed Flower: Highest Cannabinoids

Zeki Farms

Strain: Caramel Apple (34.77%)


Licensed Flower: Highest Terpene

Zeki Farms

Strain: Caramel Apple (2.25%)


Pre-Rolls: Highest Cannabinoids

Weed Woodz

Pre-Roll (58.75%)


Pre-Rolls: Highest Terpene

Weed Woodz

Pre-roll (1.72%)


Vapes: Highest Cannabinoids

Sessions Supply

Strain: Zkittlez (79.33%)


Vapes: Highest Terpene

Dripp Extracts

Strain: Sour Berry (6.25%)


Concentrates: Highest Cannabinoids

Sessions Supply Co.

Strain: Orange Blossom (91.01%)


Concentrates: Highest Terpene


Strain: Manderine OG (6.13%) 


Tinctures: Fastest Acting

Green Revolution

Strain: Avocado Oil Tincture 


Edibles: Most Innovative


Product: Jello Shots


Edibles: Best Tasting

Kiva Confections

Product:Lost Farm Blueberry Fruit Chews


Hemp Flower: Highest CBD

Vela Extracts (@fullsailfarm)

Strain: Suver Haze


Hemp Flower: Highest Combined Terpenes


Strain: Kush Hemp


Hemp Products: Highest Overall CBD

James Brothers Extracts (@blackhempfamily)

Product: Baked Apple


Home Grow Flower: Highest Cannabinoids


Strain: Yowie (34.81%)


Home Grow Flower: Highest Terpene


Strain: Yowie (1.73%)


Home Grow CONCENTRATES: Highest Cannabinoids


Strain: WHITE HOE (80.96%)


Home Grow CONCENTRATES: Highest Terpene


Strain: Blueberry Shortcake (5.13%)


Licensed Flower

Farmers Cup 2 December 2020 - 1st Place Licensed Flower - Originals CA @originals_ca - Gelato Hybrid Flower

1st Place

Originals CA (@originals_ca) – Gelato

The Originals CA is a high-quality cannabis brand based in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. They’re recognized for their many years in the game (over 100 cumulative years of growth experience), and they are well-known for their OG strains – hence the name.

The Gelato is a hybrid cannabis strain from the Cookie Fam genetics following in the footsteps of it’s parents Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC. A real treat for users with high-tolerance; the Gelato brings some heavy-handed euphoria.

2nd Place

Stay Elevated – GMO Cookies

3rd Place

Sticky Status – K1 OG

Best Appearance

Originals – Gelato

Best Aroma

Originals – Gelato

Best Flavor

Originals – Gelato

Best Smokability

Stay Elevated – GMO Cookies

Best Packaging

Originals Family Farms


1st Place

Cream of the crop – Diamond Barrel 

2nd Place

Weed Woodz – Pre-Roll  

3rd Place

Hammerhead – Slightly Stoopid  

Best Appearance

Cream of the crop – Diamond Barrel  

Best Aroma

Weed Woodz – Pre-roll  

Best Flavor

Outco – Slapz  

Best Smokability

Dripp Extracts – Papaya Delight  

Best Packaging

Dripp Extracts  



1st Place: OUTCO – SLAPZ

2nd Place: Dripp Extracts – Grape Soda

3rd Place: Hammerhead- Slightly Stoopid

Best Appearance: Dripp Extracts

Best Aroma: Dripp Extracts

Best Smokability: Dripp Extracts – Papaya Delight

Best Packaging: Dripp Extracts


1st Place: Craft Canna – Iron Triangle Kush

2nd Place: Dripp Extracts – Sour Berry Badder

3rd Place: Sessions – Orange Blossom


Fastest Acting Tincture: Green Revolution – Avocado Oil TIncture

Best Appearance: Crat Canna – Iron Triangle Kush

Best Aroma: 9Cloud – Mandarin OG

Best Flabor: 9Cloud – Mandarin OG

Best Smokability: 9Cloud – Mandarin OG

Best Packaging: Dripp Extracts


1st Place: Madame Munchie – Mini Macs White Chocolate Bites

2nd Place: PV – Love Bite Gummies

3rd Place: Kiva Lost Farm – Blueberry Fruit Chews


Best Flabor: Kiva Confections Lost Farm Blueberry Fruit Chews

Most Innovative: Complement Cannabis Jello Shots

Best Packaging: Madame Munchie French Macaroons

Best Effect: Madame Munchie Mini Macs White Choclate Bites

Hemp Products

Most Innovative: Vela Extracts – CBDa

Best Effect: Vela Extracts – CBDA

Best Appearance: Tree Rolls – Pre-Roll Hemp Product

Most Likely to Buy: Lupies Gold – CBD Bath Soaks

Home Grow Flower

1st Place: @S.fr3sh – Paris OG

2nd Place: @KaizenCannabis – Kushmints X Animal Cookies

3rd Place: @Lone_StarGenetix – Land Locked Island

Best Appearance: @PyramidEnergy – Yowie

Best Aroma: @KaizenCannabis – Cheat Code14

Best Flavor: @CannaHouseSD – GX5

Best Smokability: @PapaOG – Urban Poison

Best Effect: @CannaHouseSD – GX5

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